There are two possibilities to tell the boat, where to go: manually with a flight control or in Automatic Mode.


Fig. 1: Programmable flight control (GRAUPNER)To control Mr. Turtle manually we used a programmable flight control (Fig. 1). Therefore we first adjusted the setting and the joysticks to the Turtle┬┤s propulsion system. More about the setting of the GRAUPNER with the remote control system mx-16 HoTT you find here: The pixhawk (Fig. 2) on board of the Turtle receives the signal.

Automatic Mode

Fig. 2: Pixhawk connections to: Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, Telemetry radio, GPS, buzzer, receiver, servo, motor With the ArduPilot Software, an open source autopilot system, the route of Mr. Turtle can be planned in advance. With the GPS the pixhawk (Fig. 2) is able to lead the boat along this route.