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3D printed Boat Water in the boat

3D printed Boat

For the first test drive we connected the boat to a fishing line for security reasons. The boat is quite manoeuvrable but also very shaky while driving. The latter is a big minus concerning our plans to scan riparian vegetation. In addition the wave-powered propulsion system makes it quite difficult to prevent water from penetrating into the boat. We endet up being a hair's breadth away from wet and broken electronics.

The Catamaran Testing the first catamaran prototype

The Catamaran

The catamaran is an approach to achieve a more stable drift and more space for the sensors. More mayyybee yes, but stable drift... OOuups... not yet!

Mr. Turtle #1 Smoking motor

Mr. Turtle #1

Mr. Turtle #1 drifts much more stable on the watersurface. For some reason one of the two motors started smoking when we were testing our first floating platform prototype. Consequently the propulsion system had to be improved.

Mr. Turtle #1 Broken propeller mountingDon´t underestimate the the propellers force and dangerousness! Keep savety distance, when they are spinning und attach them properly. They can cause bad accidents when hitting animals or humans. The first version of the propeller mounting didn´t resist the force generated by the propellers, so It broke... Time for a new mounting system!

Mr. Turtle #2 Manual control mode

Mr. Turtle #2

This is a test run of the final Mr. Turtle version without sensors in manual mode. We are testing if updrift is strong enough, the manoevrability in manual mode and the automatic mode. Updrift was strong enough, the platform stayed largely dry. Manoevrability was appropriate for Mr. Turtle´s size and it´s function as a Limno-explorer, what means moving with low speed while performing measurements. One Problem with the propulsion couldn´t be fixed by now: The cogwheels turn discontinously and sometimes get stuck somehow, so it might happend that the propellers have to be rearranged parallel manually.

Mr. Turtle #2 Automatic control modeFinally, while testing the boat with full sensor equippment we achieved our main objective: Automatic mode is working!!!

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