Sonar output

Fig. 1: Horizontal depth profile generated by the Deeper Sonar shown on a leaflet map. The raster shows river depth of a near bank part of the Lahn river (Germany).

River bed morphology, structure and under water vegetation are important indicators for the ecological state of rivers and lakes. In the context of the European Water Framework Directive public authorities like the Hessian Ministry of Environment, Climate, Agriculture and Consumer Protection are in charge of inspecting the water structure of rivers and lakes. They survey river, lake and coast structures and develop actions to be taken to improve the ecological state of waterbodies. In Hessia this happens with guidance of the State Working Association Water, which is called LAWA in Germany. The Marburger Unmanned Telemetry Limno-explorer is an attempt to unify and secify these survey processes.

From the output of the Deeper Sonar (Fig. 1) the following articles from LAWA can be derivated:

  • river course curvation
  • curvation erosion
  • longitudinal banks
  • special river course structures
  • lateral banks
  • depth variance
  • profile type
  • profile depth
  • width erosion
  • width variance
  • bed substrate diversity
  • special rive bed structures